Esports caster and Youtube streamer Jack “CouRage” Dunlop has again criticized Infinity Ward after for bounties after criticizing the ranking system. Read our detailed report about what Jack Dunlop said about the new ranking system here.

Lately Jack, other streamers and fans have been very critical of the COD Warzone after changes were made in the new update.

Warzone and Bounty

Here is what Jack Tweeted, “@InfinityWard Hello, Please add bounties back. Literally zero people asked for them to be removed. Thanks, Jack”.

Credit: Twitter/CouRageJD

Other Warzone players were also critical of the new changes and they Tweeted, “That’s what @InfinityWard is known for now… Adding things that’s weren’t requesting and removing things that weren’t requested LMFAOOOOOOOOO” while another user Tweeted, “Exactly why they removed them because no one asked for them to be removed, they like to piss off the community I guess”.

Jack “CouRage” Dunlop was not the only one to be unhappy with the bounties changes, Ninja also tweeted on similar lines and wrote “They completely removed bounties? I thought they were super well balanced. The team being hunted has ample time to post up in a building or roof and defend themselves until time runs out, also knowing how close the threat is. High risk High reward for players hunting”.

Credit: Twitter/Ninja

New update and issue with the voice chat

After the new patch was pushed on 28th August 2020 many users are reporting in-game voice chat issues. User reported that communication work fine for first few second and then suddenly it gets cut-off, after the game ends when the players are in the lobby communication work fine again.

The issues were posted on Reddit by many players and upvoted by other players facing the same issue. A user name ‘Krofari’ created a thread on Reddit under the title “Issues with voice chat mid-game” and wrote:

A few friends and I are playing Warzone with our comms working just fine. After a while, in the game, the comms stops working. We hear each other for a short second and then the mic just cuts out. If the game ends the comms are working just fine again… I am playing on PC and my friends are playing on console (Xbox & PS4). We only encountered this problem just today (after the patch). Anyone have this problem as well? Does anyone know a fix?

Other players responded to the thread saying they too are facing the voice chat issue in the game.