Ellie Zeiler is infamous for copying Charli D’Amelio. She is accused by Charli’s fan for imitating her looks and videos to gain followers by misleading.

She is 15 years old

Ellie is 15 years old born on 13th July 2004 in California, United States, she is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

She is pursuing her high school

Ellie is pursuing her high school from Del Norte High School located in San Diego County, California, she will be graduating in 2021. She completed her schooling from San Diego, California, and was a basketball and golf player.

Ellie Zeiler’s Family

Ellie Zeiler stays in California with her parents and two siblings. Her father’s name is Rick Zeiler her mother’s name is Sarah Zeiler and she has two siblings who are twins name Ben and Will Zeiler.

Here is why Ellie Zeiler is accused of copying Charli D’Amelio

We did out investigation and found details which might have lead fans to think that Ellie is copying Charli, some fans also call her Charli’s long lost sister.

1: Copying dance steps

Ellie has imitated Charli’s dance steps in most of her videos and choose the same songs which Charli made videos on. Here is the video of TikTok video compilation which shows that Ellie is copying Charli’s dance steps.

2. Hairstyle and facial expression

Many people think Ellie does her hair the same way Charli does hers, she also makes facial expressions like her. She even got out of her way to find glasses similar to Charli’s.

3. Apparels/Clothes

She can also be seen having the same clothes which Charli wears, not one or two a whole lot of it. We have got some photos to prove that, call it a coincident or deliberate attend to look like Charli it’s up to you. The obsession she has to look like Charli is to another level.

4. Deleted her old photos and videos

Ellie deleted her old photos and videos in which she didn’t look anything like Charli. But social media users were quick to find it out and report it, here are her old photos.

Ellie Zeiler’s Old Photos

5. Even Charli’s and her friends were shocked

Ellie’s obsession to look like Charli D’Amelio even shocked Chali and her close friends. When Charli saw the similarities she commented on TikTok “Bruh I’ve never been so confused in my life” “You’re telling me this isn’t me?”

Charli wasn’t the only one to be confused, her fellow TikToker Mia was also confused and she commented: “I thought this was Charli all the way till I read the comments!”.

Another verified TikToker named Juan Esteban Acero with over 3 million followers commented “You look like Charli more than Charli does”

Ellie Zeiler’s mom speaks on TikTok about the situation

When Ellie was live on TikTok along with her parents, someone comments about her copying Charli and her mom commented saying, “I have raised thee, kids, to exactly be who they are I have always said, don’t try to be anybody else because guess what everyone is taken, just focus on being you”.

Social media users were in no mood to hear any of that and they replied, “well your daughter clearly didn’t listen when you told her that” while another user replied, “Ellie missed the memo sis”.

Here is the videos TikTok live video:

So overall Ellie is making big and capitalizing on social media whether you think she is copying Charli or not. She has gained 2.5 million followers on TikTok with over 53 million likes to her videos, her TikTok username is ‘elliezeiler‘ and it is verified. She has also gained 102,000 followers on Instagram at her profile username is ‘elliezeiler‘.