Emmy Combs is amongst the first five lucky housemates to be selected for Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty TikTok House. She will be in the house with other four housemates are Savannah Palacio, Challan Trishann, Makayla, and Dawn Morante.

The house is fully equipped with Fenty Beauty products and makeup stations. The housemates can use these facilities and show their creativity.

Emmy Combs is a professional makeup artist and licensed cosmetologist – from Maryland and currently staying in Los Angeles.

What happened to Emmy Combs’s Hair?

She lost her body hair due to alopecia.

From the age of 5, she has been wearing bandana to hide her baldness. Recently after 11 years at the age of 16 after her parents insisted she because comfortable and stopped wearing it.

She explained why she wore a bandana.

“I wore a bandana around my head from when I was about five years old until I was sixteen. In May 2017 I decided that needed to change and I was not going to wear it anymore,” said Emmy.

Emmy Combs

She is very popular on the viral video platform TikTok. She posts makeup and comedy lip sync video and has 116 million likes in total. In addition to this massive following on Tik Tok she also has 266,000 followers on Instagram and 24,000 followers on Youtube channel.