It looks like since we last reported about Jordan Tucker and Addison Rae the love in the air has only increased. The latest Instagram story of Jordan speaks a lot about his crush on TikTok queen Addison.

This 22 years old basketball player isn’t shy about expressing his love and is taking every chance to do so. In the last report, we told you how he duet a video with Addison Rae on TikTok and how fangirls reacted.

Today he uploaded an Instagram story in which he can be seen making a selfie video in an elevator mirror with ‘The Kid Laroi – Addison Rae’ song in the background.

The lyrics of the song in the story read “Addison Rae I’ma take you out Let me show you all the things that I’m about The last girl that I…”. Watch the story below:

When the video of the Instagram story went viral on social media fans reacted positively and they are vouching for it.

Here is what fans wrote, “This girl is winning in life” while another one wrote “this is hurting me I’m in love with him”.

While other fans who are openly shipping it wrote, “imagine their kids”, “I actually ship this”.

Social media reaction says that fans would love to see both of them together but we all will have to wait until the Coronavirus lockdown rules are eased.

Lately, Addison and Charli were targeted by online trolls for their weight and body sizes and were called fat and other names. To answer the trolls their fan base did an amazing job in counting the narrative of trolls and encouraging both the stars to keep their morals high. They too openly spoke about the online bullying and answered the body shamers directly. Source

While trolls are busy trolling Addison’s real life is doing amazingly well in terms of love and money. She has some big names who are showing their love and affection towards her.

She has crossed 37.5 million followers on TikTok and 1.9 billion likes to her videos which surely her trolls don’t have. Also, she launched her own merchandise brand in collaboration with Fanjoy yesterday on 1st May 2020.

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