Call of Duty caster and content creator for 100 Thieves Jack Dunlop aka CouRage is not happy with the news ranking system of COD Modern Wa. From 2015 until 2018 he worked at Major League Gaming for Call of Duty World League presentation team as a caster. Over the years he casted all Call of Duty events in the United States.

He streams on Youtube and create content for Esports organization 100 Thieves and gained popularity when he started streaming popular Battle Royal game Fortnite. He has crossed 2.2 million followers on Youtube and get an average of concurring watching of 10,000 for each stream and he does one stream each day.

Blasting on Call of Duty Warfare’s Ranking System

CouRage Tweeted his opinion about the news ranking system by clearly calling it the “worst ever”. His Tweet read “The level system in Modern Warfare is the worst in any Call of Duty game EVER. Why take away prestige? Why not let me go higher than 155? Why reset me to 55 at the start of every season? Everyone is loving this game/Warzone. Let us have something to show for it.”

Credit: Twitter/CouRageJD

In his Tweet he asked three questions to the COD team about the prestige being reset when the new season comes. Why players can’t go above level 155 and why level is bought down to 55 when the new season starts.

Other players are relating with Jack CouRage Dunlop

While most of the players playing COD Warfare agree with Jack but there are few who call his concerns “First world problem”. One user replied to CouRage “Why do people always have something to complain about in games? Just be happy you’re even alive and able to play games. Some people can’t…#Firstworldproblems”.

Many other players supported him for raising their voice and they needed someone with influence to pick these problems.

After CouRage raised the issue many players are looking for a response from game creators Infinity Ward and expecting an update which can fix the ranking system. But we’ll have to wait until a response is received from game developers, keep checking this space for more updates.