Youtube streamer Jack Dunlop was raging about COD: Warzone’s bounties and ranking system last week. This week he has happy news to share with his fans.

Jack Dunlop was featured in Ariana Grande & Justin Bieber’s song ‘Stuck with U’ with his girlfriend Maddie McCarthy.

The song was released today i.e. 8th May 2020 1 am EST on Ariana Grande’s Youtube channel. Justin Bieber has collaborated with Ariana for this song, it a song based on the quarantine situation during the Coronavirus epidemic.

The song’s aim is to raised funds for a charity organization named ‘First Responders Children’s Foundation’. The charity organization gives scholarships for children of healthcare workers, emergency medical technicians (EMTs), paramedics, police officers, and firefighters serving at the front lines during the global pandemic.

The video song features people from different communities dancing to the song and showing how they are spending time during this global pandemic.

In the video song skip to 1:52 to watch Jack and his girlfriend Maddie dancing to the song in their house. Here is the video:

Jack Tweeted about the video song and uploaded the screenshot in his tweet:

Credit: Twitter/CouRageJD

Also to mention Jack’s girlfriend Madison McCarthy was a software engineer at Twitter and currently Chief Of Staff BlackLine, a company that provides cloud-based solutions for Finance companies.

After raging and criticizing Infinity Ward last week his current week is surely has a good news he will cherish for a long time.