Jaryd Lazar also knows as summit1g in-game is next in line to switch from Twitch to Mixer. After Ninja, Shroud, King Gothalion, and Courage he might be the next to move to Microsoft’s platform.

Jaryd (summit1g) is right now the biggest game streamer on Amazon’s streaming platform Twitch with 5.3 million followers and 92,600 paid subscribers.

Why summit1g is a big deal for Twitch?

Since last year Ninja left for Mixer leaving behind 17 million followers and Shroud over 7 million, summit1g is the biggest streamer right now with over 5.3 million followers on the platform. That’s not all he is also leading the watch time by a huge margin. In the last 180 days, his watch time was 65.77 million hours which xQc who is in second place was under 50 million hours.

Given the subscriber number and watching hours Twitch might need to renegotiate the deal and that what summit1g is looking at.

Is summit1g really moving to Mixer or is he just renegotiating the deal with Twitch?

Well, there is no clear answer to it but there are some hints which have come from Jaryd. At the end of January, he said on stream, “I’ve got big things coming up, and I’m in a big moment of my life. You’ve just gotta let me handle one big thing at a time”.

To add to this, summit1g is managed by the same agency which manages Ninja and Shroud and they got an excellent deal for both of them to move their turf to Mixer. Although Ninja and Shroud were not successful in taking away their entire audience base to Mixer but did put a dent on Twitch.

Given Facebook being the new player signing big streamer has expanded in the streaming arena and Youtube already seeing big success. Twitch should be worried and under pressure and summit1g will take advantage of the situation to get a better deal from Twitch.

Jaryd is not very vocal about his deal and internal talks with Mixer and Twitch team but given the fact that Mixer gives a huge deal of freedom on the personal brand front, he might get a better deal at Mixer.

While being very successful on Twitch he also has a huge following on Twitter with over 955,000 followers and 620,000 subscribers on his Youtube channel.

In one of his streams he said he will also be focusing more on Youtube in near future, “YouTube’s always been a side plate for me, and I know that’s not a good thing, I know I should put more focus on it. I’m trying to get more help on YouTube lets to say, regarding my agency”.