Cuban born social media influencer Malu Trevejo is another star to land into racist remark controversy after Nessa Barrett.

Malu is a singer and she has produced her own songs as well, one of her songs titled ‘Luna Llena’ has reached 100 million views on Youtube.

Just when she made the racist remark on Instagram on 4th April 2020 she released another song on Youtube titled Pa La Calle. The official audio version of the song was released so the remark might be a publicity stunt to get into the media.

Did Malu Trevejo make Chinese Virus remark on Chinese people?

Yes, Malu Trevejo did make a Chinese virus remark on her Instagram live video.

She said, “I’m sorry not trying to be racist or anything but every time I see a Chinese person I go uhhh, don’t breath“.

She went on to say, “It came from China so its a Chinese virus“.

Here the video:

Few hours later she apologize

After the Instagram video went viral and she was bashed on social media, she came forward and apologized in another live video.

She said, “I did make an offensive comment about Chinese people”, “I didn’t know much about it so I talked the way I did, so I am sorry” with a sen wen on say that she is a human and not a robot so she made a mistake.

She came back again online and blamed on people saying “people are going to find shit about you and make you look bad”, further she said, “if you are going to make people look bad to make sure you never make a mistake and never made in the past”.

Malu is a singer, dancer, and social media with a huge following on multiple social media platforms. She has 8.2 million followers on Instagram, on her Youtube channel she has 1.3 million subscribers and on TikTok she has 4.7 million followers with over 78 million likes.