Malu Trevejo and Bhad Bhabie are no new to controversies, but this time they showed unity and squashed the beef immediately.

Malu is a social media sensation and singer she is popular on Instagram and TikTok, she released her first song ‘Luna Llena’ in 2017 on Youtube. Since 2017 her first song has crossed 100 million views and she released her latest track ‘Pa La Calle’ in 2020 which is well received.

With all the love she has also faced criticism over the time on the social media recent one being she made a racist statement towards Chinese people and apologized a few hours later.

Danielle Bregoli is also is known as Bhad Bhabie became overnight famous when she appeared on Dr. Phil’s show and got into an argument with Dr. Phil and told him ‘Cash Me Ousside’. The phrase became popular and she was trending on all social media platforms. Since then Danielle ventured into beauty product and launched her own brand ‘CopyCat Beauty’ she also started rapping and released her own songs and in total her songs has been viewed 1.1 billion times in total on Youtube.

Bhad Bhabie has gone under surgeries and is know for loud makeups one of which is when she colored her hair red in April this year.

The controversy started when on 2nd May Malu colored her hair with the same color after she posted stories and photos on Instagram. Danielle fans were quick to come on board and accusing her of copying Danielle.

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Si te transformas yo me transformo ☺️

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A user name ‘the_lightofyourlife__’ commented “BHAD BABIE ????? ❤️😍💀😂😂😂😂😂😂” while the other 1300 people liked her comment. Another user name ‘txychx.jr’ wrote: “Wannabe Bhad Bhabie😛✌️” which was liked by 850 people. While ‘drilledanuses’ commented, “Really trynna be Bhad Bhabie now lmao”.

The entire comment section was filled with people calling her out ‘wannabe Bhad Bhabie’.

Credit: Instagram/malutrevejo

Malu was took the criticism very lightly and was not affect by it, she took it lightly and responded by saying, “Listen Lynda, Nobody owns red ok…”, “always have something to say about me because, yeah it just me little, you find anything to f**king hate on me for”. You can watch the video of her stories below.

While Danielle’s fans were criticizing Malu, she was of the opposite opinion about it. As soon as she saw the hate she came to Malu’s rescue and asked her fans to stop hating on Malu, she uploaded a story and said, “You’ll stop, she look pretty leave shorty alone 😩😍”,

Here is the screenshot of the story which Danuelle uploaded in support of Malu.

Instagram story uploaded by Danielle in support of Malu

Malu and Bhad Bhabie also made a video together and posted on TikTok to squash the controversy.