Monkey app is one of the top downloaded and used online video chatting app to make new friends. The app is targeted towards the Gen Z audience and is climbing uphill in terms of concurring and new users.

Monkey app was removed/deleted from Apple App Store recently over child safety complaints. Although the app is available on the Android app store and can be downloaded on Apple devices as well done via direct file download from third party sites, we do not recommend that.

How the app works and features

The app is simple to use, anybody above 17 can register on the app with their Snapchat or Facebook username and their phone number. Although previously the minimum age to join the age was 12 after child safety issues it was raised to a minimum of 17 years old.

Once the user registers they can start matching with random people fellow app users. Once a match is found they by default a 15 seconds video chat is set they can increase the time by clicking on the Time button appears when the video chat is on.

The app lately added features like Knock Knock and Bananas. Knock Knock helps people to chat privately with other users via text.

While users can earn Bananas for using the app or they can also buy more by paying. Virtual Bananas can be utilized for purchasing merchandise available on the app.

Monkey app is deleted/removed from App Store because of complaints of unwanted sexual approaches, many targeting children

Money app first landed in a controversy in Aug 2017 when CNBC did an investigation to find the child safety of the app, what they experienced was shocking.

Among the 25 users CNBC chatted with, one was engaging in a sexually explicit act while another was showing off his genitals.

After this report, the founder of the app Isaiah Turner apologized and gave an explanation about the reporting system they have in place and increased the minimum age to join the app from 12 years old to 17 years old.

I’m sorry that you experienced explicit content, to clarify, however, the machine learning and human monitoring kicks in when a user is reported. The activity is monitored and then if the inappropriate content is confirmed, the user is banned. In the version of Monkey that will launch with iOS11, the machine learning will kick in before the user is even reported. Monkey is taking this seriously and being proactive to solve it.

In November 2019 the controversy escalated when Washington Post published a report about the reviews of chat apps. They found that the Moneky app was one of the apps to received 1,500+ reviews on the Apple App Store which reported ‘unwanted sexual experiences‘.

After the report was cited widely by other publication over the child, minor safety issues the app went off the App Store.

Now when we search for the app in the Apple store other app are shown in the result and Monkey app is missing.

Monkey App Missing from Apple App Store
Credit: Apple App Store

Message from Money App after the app was removed/deleted

After the app was removed/deleted from the store the company started receiving tons of DMs from Apple users. To respond company released a message on Instagram which read “We know the quarantine has you stuck at home and bored beyond belief. We’re about to announce some exciting news that’ll help keep you socially connected and entertained during these uncertain times. Enable Monkey notifications to be the first to find out⚡️“.

Seems like they are working on the issues and the app would be back in the store again to be downloaded.

Can you still download the app

If you can’t wait until the app is officially back in the App Store and if you are searching for how to download Monkey App on iPhone. Search for the IPA file of the app which you can easily find and download from many sites available online. After the file is downloaded install it on your Apple device and you are ready to go.