Dr Disrespect has been known for his funny and top-notch gameplay on the streaming platform Twitch. The audience has seen his sense of humor and trolling when it comes to calling out someone.

He is considered to be one of the top streamers on Twitch after Ninja and Shroud left for Microsoft’s Mixer. He is also well known for his bold and substantial opinion about the gamers he plays without fearing any monetary loss to his income.

If Doc’s streams were not entertaining enough now he has roasted Timmy Tenders also known as TimTheTatman for wearing his merchandise.

Dr Disrespect Roasts Timmy Tenders

Today while streaming Timmy Tenders was wearing Dr Disrespect brand’s sweatshirt. He Tweeted TimTheTatman’s photo of wearing his merchandise and wrote, “I wish Timmy Tenders would take off the Dr Disrespect sweatshirt while he plays Warzone. Jesus, he’s the worst gamer I’ve ever seen. Just a bad image for my brand.”

Fans and other streamers were quick to jump on it and start trolling. Fae clan member Nick Kolcheff replied to the Tweet, “LOL cmon man 😂”, while professional Fortnite player SypherPK replated, “I don’t think you want him to take it off doc, no shirt underneath.”

Meme army was quick enough to show their creativity, here are some of the best memes we found in the thread:

TimTheTatman the speechless and didn’t know how to deal with Doc’s attack so he just replied by typing, “Dude??????”

Dr Disrespect roasted Timmy Tenders in past as well

In April 2018 when Doc and Timmy met at a gamer event, Timmy Tweeted a pic with Dr Disrespect with a caption, “Great to see you today @DrDisRespect hope the streaming tips help!!”. To which Doc replied by making fun of his standing pose. He wrote, “I’ve never seen a man take as many pictures with the crossed arms pose as you do Timmy Tenders. You’re a real tough guy. Real tough.”.

Well we know Dr Disrespect won’t stop trolling his rivals and how brutal he is so stay tuned to get more of such updates.