Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is undoubtedly the biggest name in Fortnite streaming. He is enjoying his elite gamer status from the massive following he has.

With millions of followers and thousands of paid subscribers Ninja is surely making big money on from streaming.

In August 2019 when Ninja accepted the deal from Microsoft to exclusively stream on Mixer it was rumored that he will be paid between $20-$30 million over few years.

The amount is humongous and no player can make that much money by playing competitive esports.

Ninja: “I think I could easily be a top-50 player”

Ninja recorded a podcast with Bob Menery for his podcast show ‘Zapped with Bob Menery’ they talked about gaming and Ninja’s career.

During the 47 minutes podcast when they were talking about competitive Fortnite. Bob asked Ninja if he thinks he is the best Fortnite player in the world. To which Ninja replied by saying, “Absolutely not, I think I could easily be a top-50 player if I’m playing, practicing, grinding in Creative.”

In the podcast, Ninja hinted that he might play competitively in the future but fans think that is highly unlikely. Because of the amount of money Ninja is making by streaming he won’t be able to make it.

Also, top-50 players in Fortnight are below the age of 20, and Ninja is 28 years old, Fortnite is a young person game.

According to Fortnite Tracker Ninja is currently ranking at 1,475 and there os along way to go to reach top-50.

Ninja pranked by Jessica Blevins while streaming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Today when Ninja was streaming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. While on stream his wife pranked him by giving him straight vodka instead of mixed drink.

She made the video and uploaded it on TikTok, where she has 10,000 followers and has just uploaded 3 videos in total.

Here is the TikTok video:


I told @ninja I was making him a yummy mixed drink. I gave him straight vodka. Wait for his reaction 😂 #familytime #ninja

♬ original sound – jessicablevins69

Watch the clips from Ninja’s stream on Mixer here.

Jessica Blevins Tweeted about the TikTok prank on Ninja to which he replied with a lighter mood “Broken Trust.”