18-year-old social media influencer and pop singer Loren Gray has bought a new car after turning 18.

Gray is extensively popular on TikTok, Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, and Facebook, with a total of 68 million followers all over her social media profiles. The brings a lot of brand deals and paid promotion which brings in millions each year.

On TikTok she is top 5 users in the world with over 43.2 million followers and has crossed 2.4 billion likes to her video, her profile user name is ‘lorengray‘.

On Instagram, she is equally popular and has crossed 19.3 million followers on her page ‘loren‘. On Instagram, she posts her modelling and special events photos.

On Youtube, she has crossed 3.75 million subscribers and 70 million views to her videos, along with music videos she also posts random content about her life. On Twitter, she has 1.1 million followers and on Facebook, she has half a million followers.

Born on 19 April 2002, she turned 18 on 19 April 2020, now being legal to drive a car she bough herself a brand new Ranger Rover which costs around $100,000. That is an expensive car but given her net worth is more than $3 million she can easily afford it.