Since Danielle Cohn and Mikey Tua started dating again some fans are excited and happy while others think Mikey might land up in jail for dating14 years old Danielle.

A little bit of their dating history

Mikey and Danielle have been friends since 2018 and both got into a serious car accident. Post-accident in June 2018 they started dating. While dating they pranked fans with pregnancy news and got married at Las Vegas which was fake.

Everything was going great until 2019 when everything started going wrong in their relationship. The drama escalated so much that their parents have to get involved and Danielle called out Mikey’s mom on social media for using Mikey for money and treating him as an investment.

After few days Danielle’s birth certificate was leaked which confirmed that she was only 13 in 2019. Mikey’s parents wanted him to keep away from her but that didn’t work out and ultimately they got together in the first week of April 2020.

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Will Mikey Tua go to jail for dating Danielle Cohn?

Since the news of them dating confirmed and Danielle’s birth certificate was leaked online. An online discussion has started weather Mikey will go to jail for dating Danielle.

Here is what social media users have to say, a username mochichild_94 said “In two months you’ll be taking a trip to jail 🤪🤪”.

While another username maria06794740 said “You going to JAIL”.

Another username AniaMaria_M gave her friendly advice saying “Plus social media is actually filled with people concerned about youngsters well being. (aka. Dani) Bro, you admitted yourself that Dani is lying about her age. So she’s 14 and you’re 18. You’re asking to go to jail. LISTEN to your mom. And if you really love Dani WAIT FOR HER”

So here is the answer to whether Mikey will go to jail or not. Mikey and Danielle can date each other irrespective of their ages. But parents must give consent and they can’t have sex.