Nikita Deft is 23 years old social media star and photographer born in Murmansk, Russia. He is Christian by faith and currently liking in Bangkok, Thailand.

He clicks illusion photographs from regular items on the street and he calls himself a ‘Crazy Street Photographer’.

He was born in Russia and Lives in Thailand

Nikita was born in northwestern town city of Murmansk in Russia. He was raised there and complete his education from the city and once his photography career took off he started travelling the world and staying in different countries. Right now he resides in Bangkok, Thailand.

He completed his schooling from Murmansk International Lyceum School and University degree from Murmansk State Technical University or MSTU. Post his university education he started pursuing his photography hobby and travelling around the world.

nikita deft
Credit: Instagram/nikitadeft

He is from modest Russian family

Nikita was born on 19th June 1996 in Russian family, he grew up in Murmansk, Russia.

He is from a very modest family they didn’t have big connections or wealth to start with. He started from scratch by himself independently and after continuously working for 3 years in Dubai he gained enough followers and popularity to move into the next step of his career.

His father’s name is Alex Deft and mother’s name is Irina Deft, he has one brother Leon Deft.

He completed his schooling from School number 27 in Murmansk between 2003-2010 and International Lyceum (MML) between 2010-2014. He completed his University from University MSTU between 2014-2019.

From shipbuilding engineer to social media influencer

In an exclusive interview over the email Nikita mentioned that he studied shipbuilding engineering from the University. When he was in the last year of the engineering he left for Dubai to create stunt videos of climbing tall skyscrappers to gain popularity.

I was doing tricks on skyscrapers(3 years) and I put my life at stake for the sake of popularity in the world and creating a personality. I thought that not everyone can do these things, and so I can get influence.

Climbing tall building and putting life in danger did bring him the fame and popularity but not the level he expected.

I had several times dangerous moments where I almost fell. Tricks on skyscrapers did not make me super popular, but I built my personalities and this greatly changed my life’s journey. I felt that other people, even for a lot of money, would not get this.

He is a Teetotaler and health-conscious

He is a teetotaler and nonsmoker, he does not drink alcohol and does not smoke anything. His views about any kind of addictions are very negative.

Nikita is a health-conscious person he takes care of his diet and exercises regularly. He has been a health freak since his childhood and started exercising at the age of 13. Here is the picture of him of 2010 compared to 2013.

In childhood his father encouraged him to be physically active and helped him in doing so by playing and participating with him. So, for his well build physic he gives credit to his dad Alex.

My dad gave me a lot of time doing sports with me, so my physical form was always at a high level

Credit: Instagram/nikitadeft

He is 6 feet tall and dating a girl

Nikita is 6 feet tall in height and is dating a girl named Kate who frequently travels with him around the world. She can bee seen alongside him in his videos. Kate is a daredevil too she too climbs tall buildings and skyscraper with him and has done very dangerous stunts on the top of the buildings.

He showcases his photography skills on TikTok and Instagram

He is talented photographers and teacher his viewers how to clicks amazing and new shots with regular things we have around us.

His Instagram account username is ‘nikitadeft‘, the account has crossed 280,000 followers and this TikTok account username is ‘nikitadeft‘. On TikTok his followers count has crossed 2.4 million and 31.3 million likes to his videos.


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He is a daredevil skyscraper climber

He has been in news in 2018 for climbing Dubai skyscrapers without harness and safety. He uploaded the videos on Youtube where he can be seen climbing the tall building with his girlfriend sunbathing on the top of the building edge without any safety.

Below is one of his such videos:

He has worked with big brands

Nikita has worked with some of the biggest brands from different industries, including Swedish car brand Volvo. Other brands he has worked with are Aviasales, Badoo and more