Ninja has been notorious when it comes to expressing his opinion on the social media. This time he posted a Tweet in support of King Bach.

On 8th May morning Twitter users suddenly felt that King Bach is not funny anymore for no reason. Twitter users were so furious about their opinion that they made it trend on number one in the United States under an hour by posting over 55,000 Tweets.

Most of the Tweets were just made to troll and memes made on King Bach. While trollers making comments that King Bach is no funny. Apparently the reason for the trend was unknown.

Soon Ninja jumped in the conversation and defended King Bach lashed out at the Twitter. He Tweeted:

In his Tweet, he criticized trollers and asked them to utilize their pandemic lock-down time for good than drooling over their keywords. He further suggested them to be productive, work on themself, and don’t hate success.

King Bach took the troll sportingly and posted a meme on his Twitter.