Ken Miles son Peter Miles lives in Monterey, California with his wife Patti Montgomery Miles.

For the 2019 blockbuster movie Ford v Ferrari, Peter helped Christian Bale in understanding how his father Ken was in real life. That helped Christian in portraying the character on the big screen, the character in the movie was portrayed by Noah Jupe.

Read our Peter Miles biography to know where he is and what he is doing now.

Peter is the only child of late Kate Miles

Peter was born on 28 September 1950 in the United States to Kate Mile and Mollie Miles. Eric Miles was his grandfather and Clarice Jarvis his grandmother.

Peter has one daughter named Jaime Moore

Peter and his wife Patti have one daughter named Jaime Moore, she was a teacher at The Kroc Center – RJ’s Preschool Academy. She left the job when she got pregnant in 2017 and in Jan 2018 she gave birth to a son and named him Ocean.

Jaime husband Jeff Moore is into radio broadcasting business, previously he has worked as radio producer at KFMB 760.

Jaime and Jeff married at the 2014 Grammy Awards with 32 other couples. They got married secretively without involving any of their family members and their parents were not happy about it.

Here is the wedding photo of the couple:

His father passed away just before his 15th birthday

Ferrari was set to be bought by Ford but the plan was rejected by the big boos Enzo Ferrari that he will lose control of his racing team. After learning that the deal is rebuffed, Carroll Shelby is asked by Ford to develop a car that can beat Ferrari at Le Mans.

Considering Ferrari won the race five times consistently it was a difficult job. As the clock is ticking Carroll hires Ken Miles for help, Ken was a WWII vet engineer and he could also drive the prototypes.

On 16 August 1966 at Riverside Raceway in Southern California Ken was testing Ford’s ‘J-Car’ that was under experiment. Peter who was always inspired by his father was also present at the track that day along with Carroll.

47 years old Ken was taking a lap on the racing track when his ‘J-Car’ filpped at 150 miles per hours killing him on the track.

On 18 August 1966 the news was reported by newspaper media outlets including ‘Desert Sun’, here is the newspaper cutout of that day.

The news report read, “Veteran sports car racer Ken Miles, 47 whose prevision and gutty driving electrified fans worldwide piloted his last lap Wednesday as his experimental Ford “J-car” Flipped at 150 miles per hour.

Long-time friend Carroll Shelby, builder of the car, ordered an immediate investigation beginning today of the high-speed accident which sent the popular driver to his death at Riverside International Raceway.

A raceway spokesman said the car was gutted by flames but not to the point which would preclude an investigation of the was the sixth fatality at the speedway.

Miles, known for his keen wit and deep dedication to the sport which claimed his life, has been testing the experimental GT racer when it mysteriously bounded out of control.

He helped Christian Bale with acting in Ford v Ferrari

In an interview with 24H LE MANS magazine, he said that he shared his memories of father and mother with Christian Bale and Caitriona Balfe. He also shared his father magazine cutouts, interviews, and audio recording to give him a better idea about his father.

He also approved of Christian’s acting in portraying his father’s role, “I think it’s wonderful that an actor of his caliber agreed to play my dad. He set out to look and act like my father, but that’s difficult when you’ve never met the person.

Where is Peter Miles today and what does he do?

After his father’s death, he completed his education and in 1972 he went to work for Dick Troutman, Dick was his father’s long time friend at the Troutman and Barnes custom car shop in Culver City, California. After working there on cars for 14 years in 1986 he joined Precision Performance Inc. an engineering firm producing automotive and motorcycle products.

Now Peter Miles lives in Monterey, California where he is the executive administrator of billionaire Chip Connor’s vintage car museum which is estimated to be above $80 million.

Although Ken Miles was a car racer his son Peter Miles never raced in any motorsport championship.