People of Manacor, Spain have started a movement on social media to request the Spanish government to allow world No. 2 tennis player Rafael Nadal to practice. The people behind the movement are seeking permission for him to play at his academy in Manacor.

The online movement is seeking support from children and other sports payers from Spain. The tennis tour is suspended for an indefinite period since mid-March due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

Rafael has said it publicly that he desires to practice during this quarantine. His fans too gave an explanation as to why he should be allowed to play. They said he is socially responsible and his values are high the most recent example being he has to lead the initiative which raised the fund for COVID19 from sports personalities in Spain.

His brilliant career has to lead him to be one of the best athletes in Spanish history. Stating these reasons people are running the online movement and seeking permission from the government. More details about the RafaPlayNow is given below.

#RafaPlayNow Movement’s FAQs

About #RafaPlayNow?

RafaPlayNow is a non-profit movement promoted by children from Mallorca that seeks to promote the values ​​of Rafa Nadal and that now asks that he be able to play tennis again because HE DESERVES IT. Join us.

Current situation of Rafa Nadal

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Rafa Nadal currently resides at his home and cannot train on the tennis courts of his academy in Manacor (Mallorca). Rafa Nadal has publicly stated that he would like to be able to train on a tennis court again, like many other workers in Spain who have already returned to their jobs. Rafa understands that the practice of tennis, in which there are many meters of separation, does not pose a risk to his health or to others and that is why he wants to return to his usual training sessions.

What do we ask from the #RafaPlayNow movement?

Through the video that we have published on social networks, our movement directly requests the Government of Spain that Rafa Nadal obtain, immediately, an authorization to be able to return to his training on the track in Manacor.

Why this authorization so that Rafa Nadal can train?

This group of children and our families know, like everyone else, the great values ​​that Rafa Nadal has always defended throughout his life, on and off the slopes. A recent example of the latter is the solidarity campaign #NuestraMejorVictoria to benefit the Red Cross, which has led together with Pau Gasol, and which has managed to involve all Spanish sports to raise funds for the fight against COVID19. To the values ​​of Rafa Nadal, we must add, of course, the brilliant professional career that has led him to be considered the best Spanish athlete in history.

For all of the above, from the #RafaPlayNow movement we defend that Spanish sport will perfectly understand that Rafa Nadal deserves TO BE THE FIRST TO RETURN to sports in Spain. There is no need to wait for laws or decrees. YOU HAVE EARNED IT AND YOU DESERVE IT.

How to collaborate with the #RafaPlayNow movement?

This movement is open to everyone, not just to the children of Mallorca, the place where Rafa Nadal was born. We invite children and adults from any country to upload their videos to social networks with the hashtag #RafaPlayNow requesting the Government of Spain to allow Rafa to train again. We especially encourage all athletes Spaniards to join this movement, in a way to thank Rafa for promoting #NuestraMejor Victoria with Pau Gasol and also to acknowledge his great merits in order to BE THE FIRST TO RETURN. Join us.

#RafaPlayNow Gaining Traction on Social Media

A Twitter page has been created with a username RafaPlayNow where all the latest updates are being posted and a hashtag is being run #RafaPlayNow. Supports are asked to create videos in support of Rafael and post it on social media with the given hashtag.

Since the hashtag was launched 27th it has reached 1.5 million people and 83 people have contributed to the movement and shown their support.

Individual training may resume from 4th May

After the movement went live on 28th Prime Minister of Spain Pedro Sánchez announced in the daily briefing that ‘Individual federation training sessions and basic professional leagues may be carried out’. Source

The Spanish government is announcing new measures and updated to de-escalation the lockdown imposed due to Coronavirus and sports athletes are given some relive in the latest update announced on 28th April.