Sandra Rudzite art streamer on Twitch accused gamer Forsen for sexual assault at a Twitch party.

Who is Sandra Rudzite aka MissCoookiez?

Sandra Rudzite also is known as MissCoookiez is an oil painting artist on Twitch. She makes oil painting on Twitch and talks with her audience. She has been streaming for the last 6 years and is from Latvian/Russian origin. She started painting in 2007 and to polish her skills she took admission to Riga School of Design and Art in 2008 in Latvia. Currently, she is studying Philosophy at University.

Who is Sebastian Fors aka Forsen?

Forsen is streamer for team Cloud9 and he has been a Hearthstone and former StarCraft II player from Sweden and competed in international tournaments.

MissCoookiez accussed Forsen of sexual assult

The conversion about Forsen started when a user posted a picture on stream and asked her option to which she said, “It’s a cool picture I like this picture, I saw Forsen in Sweden”.

When a user asked her, “Do you still have contacts with Forsen and did he initially fund you?” to which she replied “No” and continued to say “Forsen… Oh god I don’t know if I should tell this, he grabbed my butt, this was Twitch party and I had a portrayed of Forsen and I wanted to give it to him and I walked up to Forsen said hi and he grabbed my ass”.

Here is the Twitch video:

The incident happened at dream hack and when a user asked her “Do you think he sexually assulted you?” she replied “No”.

Here is the video:

Well that is a really confusion situation out there we will keep you updated when Forsen’s statement comes in.