Update, 29 April 2020,10:30 pm: TikTok account of Avani is back with all her video and followers. Here is the screenshot.

The Hype House member and TikTok star with over 15.9 million followers Avani Gregg’s TikTok account is deleted. Fans on social media are worried and want to know what happened to Avani’s TikTok account.

Although there is no confirmation from Avani’s side about it we did our research and found that it’s highly likely that she has deleted her own account as opposed to it being hacked or a technical glitch from TikTok’s side.

All her other social media accounts are accessible including Instagram, Youtube and Twitter.

Why did Avani Gregg delete her TikTok account?

Avani deleted the TikTok account because she is going through a panic attack which can be seen on her Twitter profile. She wrote a serious of Tweets expressing her feeling and anger about the situations in her life.

Here is what all she tweeted, it all started with she explaining how her 6th grade Spanish teacher hated her on the very first day.

She wrote, “my spanish teacher in 6th grade hated me the first day i walked into that class. yes i understand i looked emo but i was good in ur class until u told me i should change my style.”

Credit: Twitter/lilpapivoni

Below is the serious of tweets she tweeted while under panic attack. She started by saying “i do not know how to spell beginng to save my life”. The she went on to ask “@Twitter do you love me”.

Avani wrote, “FML”, “literally just kill me bye”, “another reason to cry”, at this point users were concerned and they asked her what happened and if they could help.

Further she tweeted, “my wrist hurts”, “it’s literally broken i broke my wrist or i strained it bye i hate it here”.

She replied to one of the user about what she was going through and explained how she feels when under panic attack, “when i have a panic attack i start squeezing my hand really hard and now i hurt it”.

Some more tweets that concerned her fans, she said “it causes u to feel nonexistent and feels like ur living ur life without ur own presence”.

She tweets about how she has lost control over mind as well, “constantly loosing the game against my mind”.

In series of Tweets she also Tweeted a photo of her in which seh can bee seen crying and wrote a caption, “sexc 😰😰”

Mental health is a very sensitive and important subject, we would encourage our audience to show some love to Avani on Twitter and motivate her.