On 4th April we reported the story of Cuban born singer Malu Trevejo making racial comment on Chinese people amidst Coronavirus outbreak. The controversy isn’t settling down and she is being reminded of it by users on social media.

Here is out last report on what exactly happened, ‘Malu Trevejo apologizes to Chinese people for ‘Chinese Virus’ remark‘.

Did Malu Trevejo make a racial comment?

Yes, she did make a racial comment on Chinese people. While she was live on Instagram she commented: “I’m sorry not trying to be racist or anything but every time I see a Chinese person I go uhhh, don’t breath“.

On the same day she went on live again twice and apologized for the comment saying that she is a human and she made a mistake.

Controversy is hunting her

While she was live on Instagram yesterday and was taking the questions from viewers one of the users asked her the question ‘Your racist that’s why 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭👈🏿’

Here is the videos of a user calling Malu Trevejo racist on the Instagram Live:

She responded to the commented by saying “I said I am sorry because what I said was wrong, but I didn’t mean it as the moment like that because I have no f*****g umm, nothing against Chinese people“.

Looks like this Cuban star isn’t giving any extra fuel to the people who are accusing her, she is keeping it simple. Only time will tell how long this controversy will haunt her, keep checking out our home page for latest updates.